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No one anticipates finding themselves in the middle of a dispute.


Professional Mediation Sandwich


We often enter into negotiations with the best of intentions, only to encounter unforeseen problems that become increasingly difficult to solve. These problems can stem from various sources such as conflicts, disagreements, poor communication, irreconcilable solutions, or uncertainty. When these issues arise, we may panic or become anxious about the situation.


If negotiations become stagnant or break down, one or both parties may resort to harmful behaviors that escalate the conflict. This can lead to a time-consuming and expensive process of protecting oneself, with costs impacting both personal and financial aspects of one’s life. The repercussions can have a detrimental effect on one’s health, well-being, and professional life.


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We are here to assist you in evaluating your options and finding a resolution to your dispute in Yeovil. During your initial phone consultation, our mediation expert will carefully listen to your situation, discuss possible outcomes, and determine whether Peaceful Solutions is the right approach for you. There is no obligation to proceed, and we will work with you to create a path forward.


Once you become a client, you will have direct telephone and email access to your professional Sandwich mediator. Book a private phone consultation with one of our expert mediators today and begin the journey towards a peaceful solution.


What is a MIAM?
If you are ready to book a MIAM, please use this web link. If you are in conflict with your ex-spouse, or are having problems resolving your splitting up, you might be considering court procedures, and may have heard you require to go to a MIAM. MIAM represents Mediation Information as well as Assessment Satisfying, as well as is occasionally referred to as a MIAM conference, or MIAM programme. Before an application can be made to court, you are required to go to a MIAM. The purpose of a MIAM is to see if mediation can be used to settle your difficulties, instead of going to court. If there are different ways to find remedies to your problems, the MIAM is a conference in between you and also a mediator to locate out. In the MIAM the mediator will certainly clarify to you what your alternatives could be. What mediation is, and exactly how it works, advantages of mediation as well as other ideal forms of fixing disagreements, if you are eligible for free mediation and also Lawful Aid. The MIAM can be in between the mediator and just you, or with your ex-partner as well.
Family Mediation in Sandwich - Dispute Resolution

We are a professional family mediation service in Sandwich that assists separating couples in finding solutions for their children, property, and finances. We offer both Legal Aid and private clients a free assessment, which can include a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM).

Our aim at Free Family Mediation in Sandwich is to empower you to make the best decisions for yourself and your family without going to court. Our team will work with you to enhance communication, resolve your problems, and reach a feasible, long-lasting solution quickly and cost-effectively.

Our knowledgeable group of family mediators in Sandwich is trained to guide you through the mediation process, minimizing the costs, delays, and emotional strain often associated with separation and divorce. We have conveniently-located offices in Yeovil and are qualified to conduct Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings (MIAMS), provide Forms A & C100, and consult directly with children if their input is deemed essential.

We believe in providing a professional, compassionate, and effective service that caters to the unique needs of each family involved. Our ultimate goal is to help families find common ground, promote mutual understanding, and foster positive, long-lasting relationships.