Government Voucher MEDIATION SCHEME

Claim up to £500 Free Joint Family Mediation Sessions

Worried about the cost of joint family mediation sessions we accept the government voucher scheme to cover these sessions.


government voucher scheme
How Does The Government Voucher Scheme Work ?

The Government’s Voucher Scheme allows couples who are considering a divorce or separation in England and Wales to claim up to £500 for free joint mediation sessions.

The scheme is designed to help couples resolve their issues without the need for costly and lengthy family court proceedings that may seem like the only option.

Under the scheme, voucher mediation couples can claim up to £500 for the cost of mediation sessions provided by an approved local mediator and can assist with tackling issues such as child custody, parental responsibility, school holiday arrangements and Christmas and Birthday arrangements. 

Mediation is a voluntary process that involves an impartial third party who helps couples to communicate with each other in order to reach mutually agreeable solutions. Speak to our mediators about the benefits of mediation and the eligibility requirements for the voucher scheme and legal aid funding.

How It Works

In order to qualify for the £500 government mediation voucher scheme each party needs to have completed a Mediation Information Assessment Meeting (MIAM).

Once this is done our accredited mediators are able to claim up to £500 for eligible parties to work out your disputes regards all child matters toward mediation costs.

The mediation process is an efficient way to resolve issues with child access, child arrangements and child custody. Speak to our team to book your first mediation session.

FAQs For Government Voucher Scheme

 The £500 UK Government voucher scheme is an initiative that provides eligible couples with a financial contribution for a mediation session. This is an opportunity for couples to resolve their differences in a non-adversarial environment and potentially reach an amicable agreement.

The family mediation voucher scheme is available to help with the costs of mediation to every family who wishes to discuss child related matters.

Eligibility gives you mediation costs covered for up to 5 hours of family mediation services, which are designed to help couples reach agreements on issues such as contact, parental responsibility and holidays. 

To apply for the scheme, you must first contact our trained mediator who is registered with The Family Mediation Council (FMC) in England or Wales and they will talk you through the eligibility requirements. Your mediator can make the application for you at your first mediation meeting. They will take basic information and will be able to advise if you are potentially eligible.

The processing time for your voucher can vary depending on the specific circumstances of your case. Once the mediaetor has taken the necessary information, generally, you can expect to receive a decision within 7 days of your short meeting and submitting your application.

No, the voucher can only be used to cover costs associated with mediation sessions. This includes up to 5 hours of family mediation services, which are designed to help couples reach agreements on issues such as and child contact, birth certificate and holidays.

The total vale of the  voucher cannot cover any costs associated with legal advice or representation from a solicitor.

Any unused voucher funding from the overall cost of your sessions will be returned to MOJ England or Wales, who are responsible for administering the scheme.

If you do use all of the allocated funds, you can also apply for additional legal aid support from your provider.

No, the total value of the voucher can only be used to cover costs associated with mediation sessions. This includes up to 5 hours of family mediation services, which are designed to help mediation participants reach agreements on issues such as child inclusive mediation. The voucher cannot be used for any other services or products.

The only restriction is that you must discuss child related issues in your mediation process and you must not have applied for the voucher in the past.  You can find out more from the Ministry of Justice website.

If you require additional legal aid support, you can apply for it from your provider. You can find out more information on how to apply from the Ministry of Justice website.  

The mediation voucher scheme is a one-off contribution of up to £500, You cannot apply for a second voucher It will not cover the cost of the MIAM. Legal aid can provide funding for the MIAM and all mediation sessions, if you are eligible. At the initial meeting (MIAM) your mediator talks you through your options (including discussing if your mediator is able to offer  legal aid work )

The voucher is valid for 12 months from the date of issue. After this period, any unused funds will be returned. The mediation voucher isn’t a physical voucher. Rather, if you opt for mediation and qualify for the voucher, your mediator will handle the application for the funding on your behalf. Once approved, the funds will be disbursed directly to the mediation service provider.