Birth Certificate Disputes

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If you are not on the birth certificate then contact us for Family Mediation as we can help resolve issues for many couples.

When couples split and normally when children are very young decisions are made around registering the child’s birth and this is where disputes come in. If you are not on the birth certificate and your ex-partner won’t talk to you then reach out to mediation.

Birth certificates are the most vital documents that a child can ever get immediately after being born. 

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Birth certificates in the United Kingdom

In most countries, the registration of birth is controlled and regulated by statues. The responsibility to ensure that the birth is rightly registered rests with the mother’s physician, the hospital administrator, the midwife, or the child’s parents. All these have the responsibility to ensure that the birth is rightly registered with the relevant government agency. In the United Kingdom, the government agency will store the actual record of birth while the parent is issued with a certificate. This is a certified certificate that has the details of the birth and the identity of the child. In the event that a parent needs a copy of the birth certificate, the agency will issue one form the records that are stored with the government agency. 

Birth certificates and family mediation

How Can Mediation Help?

Family mediation will be in a position to identify and establish if the children in the family that requires such services are registered and have birth certificates.

There are many children who do not get registered when their families are living in turmoil.

One of the parents may feel insecure to register the child as they meditate upon a possible divorce. Other reasons why a child may go unregistered at birth are fear of persecution and discrimination.

A child who I registered is better placed in the family mediation arrangement.

Why Birth Certificates are so important

The same information is relevant and useful when the government wants to issue passports or other relevant documents to the person named in the birth certificate.

The government commissions that custodian of the birth certificates who is the registrar of birth in the United Kingdom.

The rights are taken care of when parents get a birth certificate for the child Every child is entitled to a name and nationality.

This is a responsibility that is expected of national governments as enshrined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

This is found in articles seven and eight. These articles require the birth of the child to be registered immediately and a name assigned, not leaving out the nationality.

The UK is one of the countries that have not only ratified the convention but adhered to its requirements.

Rights that show the age of the child, the gender, the nationality of the child, and other rights are taken care of by birth registration and seen in the birth certificate.

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