Child Maintenance

Worried how to sort child maintenance out? Ex partner not willing to communicate?

FREE Family Mediation can work out a way for parents to agree on the right figure for child maintenance.

Child Maintenance Mediation

child maintenance
Settle Your Child Maintenance Disputes NOW!

When it comes to settling child maintenance disputes, parental disagreements can quickly become heated and emotionally charged.

This is why family mediation can be a helpful approach to resolving such disputes.

Through the mediation process, an impartial mediator will work with both parents to help them come to a mutually agreed upon solution.

Not only is free family mediation available for those who qualify for legal aid, but it is also a more cost-effective and time-efficient approach compared to going through the courts.

Additionally, mediated agreements are not legally binding, but they can be made legally binding if both parties choose to do so.

Overall, family mediation offers a non-confrontational and productive way to work through child maintenance disputes and can ultimately benefit all parties involved.

How It Works
  • Both parties agreeing- this is made possible if both the mother and father agree on contributing to the welfare of their child.
  • Pay direct- this is whereby the total amount of maintenance fee is written down and one agrees to pay directly to the required institution such as school fees.
  • Collecting the amount required and paying for this, if the mother is the party living with the child, she goes and collect the amount and pays for the child’s bills.
  • If the case is too critical it can be moved to CMS (Child Maintenance Service) or court where a decision can be made on  child maintenance.
Child Maintenance

After a divorce, a child’s life can be greatly affected if all parties do not agree on child maintenance.

Through proper communication and family mediation, an agreement can be reached which can solve such problems.

Some of the benefits of parties agreement are, it is quick and easy to arrange and budget for the child maintenance, you can agree on sharing responsibilities such as paying for school fees, health insurance, and upkeep.

It is also flexible when one is not in a position to pay on time then you can agree on the other party paying then later compensated for.

Also helps in keeping a limit on communication between the parties in a case where either party decided to move on.


Any mutually acceptable agreement is fine to financially support the children.  You can also use resources such as the child maintenance calculator to get an idea of the recommended minimum amount required legally.

The Child Maintenance Service consider many factors such as:

  • The number of nights they spend with the non resident parent.
  • Earnings, travel expenses and other children in the non resident parents household.

If you are unable to agree on an acceptable amount of child maintenance you can ask the Child Maintenance Service to calculate this for you.  

Is Mediation Right For You?

These methods are effective if both parties are willing to work together in the best interests of the children.

FREE Family Mediation can help with this and can direct you to other services should you need this.