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Passports Disputes

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When parents want to take children out of the UK it can cause lots of stress and issues if the other parent doesn’t agree.

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Passports – this is when parents want to take a child out of the country and cant agree

There are various reasons why people find it necessary to move abroad for a period of time and if they want a child to accompany them, the child must have a child passport.

Permission Must Be Obtained

Whenever a child is required to accompany a parent abroad, the written permission of everybody with parental responsibility must be obtained if it is refused the court must be approached for permission before the child can be taken legally out of the country.

If the parents are divorced the parent where the child resides in terms of a child arrangement order, can take the child for 28 days on vacation abroad without permission except if prohibited by a court order.

The parent where the child resides don’t have to get the permission on minor matters from another parent with parental responsibility but when a child is required to leave the country for a longer period than 28 days, it is a major decision and both parents with parental responsibility must agree in writing to it.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Courts are advocates of mediation and would prefer that Mediation is attempted before applying to court.  You can discuss this during you MIAM with the Mediator.

Mediation is an informal process so you won’t need any supporting evidence however this is your meeting so you are welcome to refer to anything you wish to.

if you come to an agreement in mediation then you have the option to turn that agreement into a consent order should you both wish to do so.

Can I take my child on Holiday?

The guidance suggests that permission must be sought from everyone with parental responsibility before travelling abroad.  This does not have to be formal written permission it can be verbal.

Will mediation help?

Disputes and quarrels are a part and parcel of life. 

These should be handled with tact in order to ensure that they do not affect the quality of life of the individuals involved and that a common solution is derived so that all the parties can be happy!

Involving Family Mediation to solve the problem can help to resolve the issue without involving the court to make a ruling on the matter.

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