Financial SETTLEMENT Mediation

Are you struggling to sort finances out between you both?

Financial Separation Mediation

Financial Mediation

Financial Settlement Mediation - How Do We Split Our Finances?

In mediation, couples have control over their decision making when it comes to financial matters and that’s why mediation is the first choice when couples divorce or separate.

When you and your partner are going through a divorce, there is a need for both of you to go to mediation.

Financial Mediation is different from marriage counselling in that when you and your partner go to the marriage counsellor you going to get advice on how to save your marriage.

While in mediation couples who are getting divorced meet up and make arrangements regarding their children and financial status.

Will financial mediation work?

If you have decided on separation and wanted to get a divorce and you don’t want to involve the court in all your decisions.

Then hiring a mediator is a good option, you get to talk about your feelings, and you end up having a mature relationship with your ex-partner even after divorce.

Benefits of Family Mediation:

Financial mediation is a smooth way to have an easy separation without involving the court.

When couples have reached an agreement, and they want to divorce they result in seeing a mediator.

A mediator helps in settling disputes over money, child maintenance, and property and living arrangements.

This allows a smooth separation without involving the court and without imposing trauma to the children. Additionally, hiring a mediator allows you to have a clear idea of how you will separate all the assets you acquired together.

Mediation provides the couple with a safe space to talk about all their problems without anybody judging.

The couples are given a chance to come to terms with the practicalities of separation and what it entails to get a divorce.

Unlike marriage counselling where one spouse can attend the meeting in mediation, both parties are supposed to be there to make everything run smoothly.

After each session, the mediator hands you a summary document if you are part way through the process or an agreement document that you can turn into a legal consent order.

Additionally, hiring a mediator will save you money since a mediator costs less as compared to going to the court.

Financial Mediation allows both you and your partner to voice the issues and be heard.  It allows you an opportunity to express your feelings and state your point of view.

In mediation, you get to learn how your partner feels and how you will both move forward and maintain a smooth relation.

If you are eligible then yes you will be able to claim Legal Aid in order to mediate.  Funding is offered to both parties should only one be eligible.  Call the office today if you feel you may be eligible.

If you divided from your partner, there are a selection of options to select and consider. For instance:

From now on, where you will live and also where the other party will live,

If you have children, where they will live, and what plans are there for them to see the other parent

This involves financial obligations and financial investments, what to do with money and personal belongings you have acquired together.

How Family Mediation Works
  • Family Mediation starts with both parties attending a MIAM.  If Mediation is found to be suitable then a joint meeting will be arranged.  
  • The Mediator can offer follow-up information to help clients prepare for the joint meeting.
Why mediate?

Family mediation is one of the best options to resolve conflicts between family members.

Due to its dynamics, it saves time and also resources.

Sometimes couples are beyond mediation and unfortunately, the court has to decide on their disagreements.

Before this escalation, Family Mediation could really be beneficial. Seeking mediation services beforehand is therefore very crucial for better results for both parties.

No matter how small the issues it’s only a matter of time for them to pile up into a huge mess.