Safeguarding Concerns

How to keep you and your children safe?

Concerns over mediating with your ex partner? Do you not want to be in the same room as them? read on now.

Safeguarding & Mediation

Safeguarding to keep your children safe!

Safeguarding issues happen where one spouse has concerns about the children’s safety while in the custody of the other.

Organisations like Free Family Mediation are there to assist.

Divorce: Safeguarding and Protecting Your Children’s Welfare

You and your partner may have reached that stage where a divorce feels like the solution to your differences.

During such times, some couples may behave in uncivilized manner.

Things can worsen to the extent that neither of you can stand the sight of your partner.

In contrast, most couples never seem to agree on issues surrounding finances, or the children’s custody.

As a result, organisations like Free Family Mediation are there to assist.

Child First Mediation:
Safeguarding FAQS

Most frequent questions and answers

If you are not eligible for Legal Aid then you will need to fund mediation yourself.  There is a voucher available that can fund up to £500 towards mediation costs for every family.  Mediation will almost certainly be cheaper than using solicitors.

1 Partnerships….

2 Accountability

3 Proportionality

4 Empowerment – Making it possible for, Making certain that people are secure and also comfortable in making decisions of their very own and also providing educated approval. …

5 Safety – Supplying support for those in greatest requirement and also representation. …

6 Preventing. …

If anything is said in mediation that would lead up to believe someones safety was at risk we would take the appropriate action to safeguard everyone concerned.

Yes. Unless you choose to make the outcome a legally binding document, the mediation agreement remains confidential

No, There are other options available if you are not permitted or do not wish to sit in the same space as the other party.

An agreement reached through mediation is not legally binding. It relies on both parties standing by the agreed terms. This does not affect your legal rights. If you prefer, the mediation agreement can be taken to a solicitor to be drawn up as a legal document. Alternatively the case can be put before the judge if mediation does not work for you.

Understanding the custody and safeguarding issues

Divorce can be an expensive and ugly process if partners do not commit to resolve the problem.

Moreover, it has adverse psychological effects on the child. Knowing how to communicate to the children about separation is a challenge, so fighting for their custody can destroy them. Most of these disputes end up in a long and exasperating court battle.

However, the courts may not solve the emotional disconnect that results from the process.

At Free Family Mediation, we help to create an environment that allows both of you to talk and agree.

Besides, you can put the money you might have spent on legal fees to good use by taking care of the children.