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If you need some advice around pensions then our independent divorce specialist pension advisors are perfect to help every time.

Pensions can be an assets that is often overlooked however they are often as valuable if not more valuable than assets such as property.  Defined Benefit schemes which are often those provided by the Military, NHS, Teachers and the Police can worth hundreds of thousands.  The Mediator can help you to get an accurate valuation and help you to compare pension to each other and to other assets to help you to reach an agreement that is acceptable to everyone.

What Free Family Mediation Offers

We, at Free Family Mediation, know how devastating the situation can get when you are getting separated after being with each other for so many years.

Whether you were married or in a civil relationship, getting separated will hurt emotionally.

But, this is a time when you need to be much more practical than emotional.

You need to think about the life that is ahead of you and not about the life you are about to leave behind.

All in all, getting a divorce might feel just a bunch of simple paperwork, but in reality, there are a lot more things that go into it.

Divorce and Finances

Most frequent questions and answers

The pension is something that secures your future at the time when you cannot work any further. 

When you are getting separated from your spouse, the pension acquired will also need to be considered.

Moreover, there are lots of legal factors associated with the pension division.

Understanding them as someone who has no knowledge about pension division and its legalities can be a herculean task.

That is why we, at Free Family Mediation, will provide you expert financial advisors in handling the issues such as pension division.  They are well-versed with the legalities associated with pension division.

Our financial advisors will look to get things settled between you and your ex outside the courtroom, which will be far less expensive and time-consuming.

So, if you need assistance regarding pension division then just give us a call.

We, at Free Family Mediation, also provide financial advisors that will help you to divide your financial assets.

Dividing financial assets is one of the most controversial issues in divorce. One wrong step would result in misunderstanding and complete chaos.

That is why if you don’t take the assistance from the experts then the chances of the controversy arising become so very evident.

To spare you from such controversies and misunderstandings, we provide experienced, well-trained, and qualified financial advisors. They have handled many issues that you may be currently dealing with.

They know the type of complications that can arise while dealing with such financial issues. That is why contact us for a smooth division of your financial assets after separation.

See our list of Child Matter services to find the solution that’s right for your family.

Taking Care of Your Family

Separation might be a personal issue but it can affect people but is particularly hard on families with children.  Whether the issues relate to child arrangements or are connected with the finances it is the stability of the children that is always the first consideration.

Why Should You Call Us?

Here are some of the reasons why you might look to call us.

When you have failed to come to a solution with your ex-spouse regarding financial matters, we, at Free Family Mediation, will provide you with assistance by providing financial advisors

We will also provide mediators who will help you, your ex, and your children to get over from the disappointment of the separation

We will also help you to settle matters outside the courtroom

Therefore, if you need assistance in solving the issues related to your separation, Just give us a call.