Business Ownership

Do You Own A Business With Your Ex Partner?

If you have found yourself in such a situation, you need the help of a mediator.

Business Ownership

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Settle Your Business Ownership Disputes NOW!

If you are a couple that owns a business together, things can get rather unpleasant if you end up separating without some form of written agreement in place.

Discover how free family mediation can efficiently settle disputes over shared business ownership with your ex-partner. Learn how to achieve a fair settlement without court involvement.

Don’t let legal battles drain your resources – find out how mediation can save you time, money, and unnecessary stress.

This course of action has many benefits, not least of which is the fact that by using a mediator, you may actually end up saving your business.

This is why in most situations, mediation is highly encouraged before taking things to the next level by taking matters to court.

How It Works

Who makes the decision around your business when you separate?

When you hire a professional mediation service such as Free Family Mediation, the mediation process is formalized.

This is different from informal mediation, where a friend or family member mediates.


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Arbitration is a method of negotiation of different problems. It is a flexible, in complete confidence carried out device in which a neutral event (the mediator) effectively supports the events in functioning towards a worked out conflict or difference contract, with the celebrations retaining best influence over the settlement choice as well as the regards to resolution.

  • It prevents the potentially major expenses of proceeding litigation.
  • The hazards of court interference and complication are prevented.
  • The settlement of the problem is gotten to much sooner than the court’s litigation.
  • Around 85 percent of the conflicts discussed by arbitration are resolved.
  • Settlement by mediation has been shown to aid restore/preserve connections.

The cost of a small business’s reputation as well as the time to deal with disputes can cancel out any gains. As a client or distributor, distress, aggravation as well as financial stress can likewise not be ignored.
If you are protecting, you don’t obtain an option about whether or not to be entailed in a dispute. To prevent costly court proceedings, you might ask if there is anything you can do.

Business Ownership

In the case of a business ownership disagreement, the professional mediator will first get both sides of the story from each party, then sit them both down and try to encourage communication from both sides. This is important because it helps in the identification of the actual problem and to discuss the root causes of conflict.

Once the problem has been identified, possible solutions will be discussed, with recommendations from both sides. The mediator tries to find a middle ground, and in the end, an agreement will be reached.

The mediator will then draft a document with the terms of the agreement, which both parties will be required to review and sign, after which it is legally binding.

If you are a couple in the middle of a business ownership disagreement, consider hiring the services of a professional mediator like Free Family Mediation to help you resolve your issues.

Is Mediation Right For You?

As a couple, if you happen to have gone into business together, in the event of a falling out, hiring the services of a professional mediator is by far the cheaper route to resolving your differences.

Besides being cheap, you will also walk out of there amicably, with a much healthier relationship than if you had taken the matter to the courts instead.

Mediation is perfect in solving business ownership disagreements between couples because it is less stressful, confidential, non-judgemental, and both parties have an opportunity to walk out of it all in a better relationship with each other, after having reached a mutual agreement on how matters should be handled.