Jointly Owned House Dispute

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In most cases, couples fail to agree on the way forward since there are many things they need to settle before divorcing.

Even if the two of you still have an excellent relationship, the conversations about the jointly owned properties and money as well as children can lead to arguments.

In some situations, communications can break down completely making it difficult to come up with a solution. In all joint property cases, mediation can help through the sharing of the property.

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Sharing the Property?

If you are currently caught up in a dispute over the ownership or sale of a jointly owned house, mediation can help you solve the issue to protect your interests.

Disagreements can arise over who owns or is entitled to benefit from the entire sale proceedings, especially in cases involving unmarried couples who are separating without children.

In case the property is in your current partner’s name, and both of you have contributed to the mortgage and deposits, you will be entitled to a share. If both of you own the house, then each owner will be entitled to 50 per cent of the home’s value.

The entitlement of every owner will depend on individual circumstances, and mediation can help solve the situation.

Jointly owned disputes

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Most frequent questions and answers

If you are separating, selling the household home is constantly seen as the simplest option.
Yet there might be problems: you might have problem finding a buyer, for instance, or be caught in adverse equity (when the worth of your home is less than the amount you owe on the mortgage). This can make selling and sharing the revenues hard.
You could have a hard time to get a home loan on a brand-new building as well.

Before you make a judgment:

  • Until dedicating to a real estate setup, budget very carefully.
  • See to it you can manage to proceed living there, despite how appealing it could be to remain in your household home.
  • Learn the alternatives for home mortgages, what’s readily available and also what can be afforded.
  • Some building societies and banks supply Clean slate home mortgages for people that begin again
  • Learn if you are qualified for state benefits to assist with your expenses for housing
  • Accept that, at the very least for now, your way of living will change and be prepared to compromise.

If you are in conflict with your ex-spouse, or are having problem settling your split, you may be thinking about lawful proceedings, and also might have discovered you require to participate in an MIAM.
A MIAM seeks to see if mediation can be utilized rather than litigating to address the issues.
If alternative ways to locate a remedy are available, the MIAM is a conference in between you and also an arbitrator to locate out.

Arbitration uses a secure, private environment, allowing you and your family members to discuss future plans.
Our arbitrators are proficient in assisting you browse the emotional as well as lawful maze that can be developed by a family members failure.
It’s less costly than going to court, less complicated and less demanding.
It helps give long-lasting alternatives that are in your as well as your household’s benefits.
It is flexible and can fit all of your family’s special requirements, permitting you to maintain more control over your own future.

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