Pension Disputes

How to resolve your situation

Are you worried how to split your pension fairly? Unable to agree? 

Pension Disputes

pension disputes
Pension Disputes

For pension disputes its always quicker, cheaper and less stressful to try FREE family mediation first.

Pension Disputes

Going through a divorce is not easy.

Even before the emotional wounds heal, financial strife knocks on the door, threatening to tear your lives apart.

Many couples, it becomes hard to separate emotions from money problems. It helps when you get someone with an objective mind and who is qualified to handle such issues.

In the past, retirement plans were never considered in a divorce proceeding. In many cases, after all, retirement may be too far off that we never pay attention to it.

However, according to the law, pensions earned during the marriage are considered to be jointly owned by both spouses.

Your pension is probably the largest asset in your possession, after real estate.

Taking care of the legal matters:
Pension Disputes FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

Mediation offers an economical, time-efficient method of resolving pension plan disputes. It makes it feasible for parties to gain back an aspect of leverage over the course of the problem and also to establish whether a negotiated option is feasible at a degree that they can agree is better for them than the choice.

Arbitration is a method before mosting likely to trial to work out a problem. It is totally voluntary, unless the parties have accepted mediate by means of a prior arrangement. Under the guidelines of civil treatment, celebrations to a conflict are obliged to think about, at an early stage of any kind of procedures, whether their disagreement may be settled by means of an alternative conflict negotiation.

A mediation’s feature is different from a court procedure. The object is not to determine that wins or that is right. Instead, the objective is to find a function that can be concurred by all parties. This will certainly bring the problem to a close if they can do so, without incurring the time and also cost of a complete court procedure. Arbitration, unlike court hearings, is personal. They are additionally not subject to any kind of style which is inflexible.

  • Generally, prices are 75% lower than complying with the legal course.
  • There are equivalent, honest and also personal arbitration sessions.
  • Act around the timetable, select a time that fits you.
  • Promptly make a friendly choice and sustain partnerships.
Going for private mediation?

Besides helping you with the legal matters, our mediators have enough experience and maturity to help you settle matters out of court.

Out-of-court settlements take little time, are less expensive, and they may keep you from holding grudges against your spouse.

Even though the differences may be between you and your spouse, you can be sure of dragging a crowd into the mess when it comes to divorce.

Take Action

If you have children, a nasty divorce can destroy their entire lives.

At Free Family Mediation, our counsellors will sit with your children and guide them on how to deal with the new realities.

If you agree to it, we can sit with both parents and the children to plan the future and cut some of the tensions.