Family Mediation Service At Its Best

While the importance of a family cannot be stressed enough, there are plenty of times when the family undergoes some sort of problem and experiences difficulty in maintaining its structure. Some of the most common family problems are the separation of the husband and the wife, frequent quarrels and the inability of both the spouses to speak to one another or using a civil way in order to speak out and solve their problems.

It is quite surprising to know that a lot of times, a majority of the problems of human beings can be solved simply by talking it out or exchanging proper communication. However, sometimes it may so happen that a spouse is willing to talk it out but the other one is reluctant. Therefore, in such situations, it is beneficial to have a family mediator. The mediator would make it possible for the husband and wife to sit together in the same room and engage in a meaningful conversation in order to sort out the problems that they are currently going through.

Another benefit of family mediation services is that these services are comprehensive and they can be used for the purpose of tackling different types of issues at a time. Family mediation services are a means of helping both the parties reach conclusions or agreements by taking into account the interests, concerns and requirements of all the parties. This kind of service offers the golden opportunity of recognizing the needs of the children or of the couple as a family.

Why Free Family Mediation is a Cost-Effective Way to Start

One of the worst setbacks that an effective solution can have is the disbelief of the people about its effectiveness. This is exactly the case with family mediation services. People in the UK are unsure about going for this kind of solution because they do not understand the process of family mediation properly and assume that these are free and worthless services.

This notion is born in the minds of the people partly because of the numerous UK charities that offer free family mediation services. The truth is that these free services are substandard in nature and they aren’t effective enough to enable the birth of a solution, therefore they don’t even hold a candle to effective family mediation services from experts like us!

At Free Family Mediation, it is our duty to ensure that we take care of the impending issues experienced by our clients in their families. While you may be sceptical about using family mediation to resolve your problem, give it a try and you will see that we can help you find a solution to your family problems in a cost-effective and quick manner. All you need to do is to accept the fact that you have a problem and approach us, we can take care of the rest!

Free Family Mediation is a cost-effective way to start because:

– We can help you find a solution for your family problem.
– Our family mediation fees are a lot more cost-effective than the fees of an advocate or lawyer.
– With Free Family Mediation services, impending issues will be taken care of and there will be no need to hire a lawyer or an advocate.
– Our services are confidential.

Options Available

Today, people have a lot of different sources to turn to when they are trying to seek the solution to their problems. The different options available to a troubled and stressed out individual are:

1. Commercial Mediation Practices –These mediation services are offered by reputable and reliable organizations. If you can’t get a family member of yours to have a proper and civil conversation with you to sort out the issues then this kind of mediation service would be called for. The solution offers a platform for family members to resolve their differences in their own time and at their own pace. The family mediator simply acts as a catalyst to spark communication between the two parties having a dispute.

2. Solicitors – Approaching solicitors or lawyers when it comes to family disputes is another way of tackling the issue. Unlike family mediators, solicitors don’t make both the parties sit down together and talk it out, but rather offer the probable solutions that could mend the situation. Solicitors can be approached for advice on divorce, separation proceedings and agreements, domestic violence, prenuptial contracts, cohabitation disputes and so on.

3. Charities – This is just the exact opposite of commercial mediation services. As mentioned above, these services are substandard as they aren’t effective enough to stimulate the birth of a solution to the problem. Moreover, since it is a free service, therefore, the charity mediator also does not bother to probe into the matter much or encourage more communication when required.

4. Legal Aid – This is available only to a few suitable applicants in the UK and it takes an eternity for approval.

How It Works

The entire process of family mediation can be broken down into small steps in order to help one understand the process better:

Step 1: The parties need to accept the fact that they have a problem and approach Free Family Mediation Service.
Step 2: We would then fix an appointment with the applicant.
Step 3: During the appointment, the mediation agenda is prepared and the sessions are tailored around your needs and the issues that you’d like to discuss with the other party or individual.
Step 4: If there is more than one issue, then the issues are classified as per their priorities and more pressing issues are tackled and resolved first.
Step 5: The Free Family Mediation sessions take place and these provide individuals in dispute with each other a great platform to talk it out and clarify the issues so that future misunderstandings can be avoided.
Step 6: Once the common ground is arrived upon by all the parties involved owing to the mediator then the parties are explained about the options that they can choose from.
Step 7: Once all the parties settle upon a solution, it is secured through mutually acceptable proposals.
Step 8: The proposals are then signed by both or all the parties and documented.
And this is how the Free Family Mediation service works, in just eight simple steps the solution is reached and the dispute is settled! This is the reason why our services are effective in tackling family issues and quarrels.

Take Action

Disputes and quarrels are part and parcel of life. These should be handled with tact in order to ensure that they do not affect the quality of life of the individuals involved and that a common solution is derived so that all the parties can be happy! Family disputes are something that requires the touch of an expert in order to solve the problems and ensure that all parties remain problem-free and contented. Free Family Mediation is the best way to find a solution to family disputes because the service offered is effective, impartial and confidential.

If you have been suffering from family problems then you can either choose to approach us and sort it out or do nothing and hope it works itself out. If you choose the latter then the problem is not going to vanish by itself but it would soon grow into enormous proportions and things would turn so bad that separation would be the only solution.

At times people may also choose to approach a legal professional like a solicitor to take care of the problems but this may not work. This is because not only is it expensive but unlike Free Family Mediation services, this solution encourages one to go for litigation sans any help or advice first; who knows, maybe with a bit of advice and communication the problem would have been solved and legal intervention wouldn’t have been necessary! Free Family Mediation also offers the option of telephone mediation sessions to resolve family issues. Calls can be made for a maximum duration of twenty minutes and they just cost £1.50 per minute!