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No one anticipates finding themselves in the middle of a dispute.


Professional Mediation Windsor


Typically, our experts embark on endeavors with the best intentions, only to encounter unforeseen challenges that gradually become more difficult to resolve. These challenges can arise due to various reasons, such as conflicts, conflicting interests, poor communication, irreconcilable solutions, or uncertainty. As a result, we often find ourselves overwhelmed or anxious about the problem at hand.

When attempts to negotiate reach an impasse or collapse, one or both parties may resort to risky actions that seem to escalate the dispute further. Consequently, safeguarding oneself becomes increasingly time-consuming and expensive. The costs incurred can be both personal and financial, impacting one’s overall well-being and professional life. These repercussions can affect one’s health and have a detrimental effect on various aspects of life.

Our Dedicated mediators are here to help

We are here to assist you in evaluating your options and taking steps to resolve your dispute in Windsor. Through a telephone consultation, our mediation expert will attentively listen to your situation and help you gain insight into potential outcomes. They will assess whether Peaceful Solutions is the right approach for you and guide you in formulating a forward-moving strategy, all without any obligation to proceed.

Should you choose to become a client, you will have direct access to your dedicated mediator through telephone and email. To initiate the process of moving away from conflict, we encourage you to book a personal telephone consultation with our expert mediator. Together, we can embark on the journey towards resolution.

What is a MIAM?

A MIAM, which stands for Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting, is a crucial step in the process of resolving disputes through mediation in the United Kingdom. It is a requirement for individuals considering court proceedings in certain family law cases, such as divorce or child custody disputes.

 During a MIAM, a trained mediator meets with the parties involved to provide information about the benefits and process of mediation. They also assess the suitability of mediation for the specific case, taking into account factors such as the nature of the dispute and the willingness of the parties to engage in the process.

The MIAM serves as an opportunity for individuals to explore alternative dispute resolution options before proceeding to court, promoting a more amicable and collaborative approach to conflict resolution.

Family Mediation in Windsor

There are several compelling reasons to choose Free Family Mediation for resolving family disputes. Firstly, the service is free, making it accessible to individuals who may have financial constraints or limited resources. This ensures that everyone has an equal opportunity to seek resolution without the burden of high costs.

Additionally, Free Family Mediation Windsor offers professional mediators who are highly trained and experienced in handling family conflicts. These mediators are skilled in facilitating productive and respectful communication between parties, fostering an environment that encourages understanding and cooperation.

The service also prioritizes the well-being and best interests of the family members involved, aiming to find mutually satisfactory solutions that promote long-term harmony and stability. By choosing Free Family Mediation Windsor, individuals can access a supportive and confidential space to address their concerns, with the guidance of dedicated professionals committed to helping families navigate through challenging times.