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Legal Aid Mediation Services in Warrington

There’s no contradicting that the breakdown in a relationship is an extremely upsetting and stressful time for all people involved. However, amidst all this chaos, decisions need to be made about finances and children and those can often result in disagreements and issues which are hard to resolve. This is where legal aid mediation in Warrington can come in.

What is Mediation?

In case you didn’t know yet, a mediation is a process constructed to help families to make decisions about their finances and kids with the assistance of an impartial third party, known as a mediator. Mediation is deliberate, and any negotiations are happening when in mediation are rigorously confidential unless there are problems with money laundering, domestic violence, or child protection.

What makes mediation unique from the conventional approach to family law? Here, the mediator is unbiased. We, at Free Family Mediation, our mediators are proficient and expert family solicitors and can offer you details about legal concerns but aren’t on the side of one part of another offering legal advice.

What Problems Can Mediation Help with?

How Can Mediation Assist?

The Free Family Mediation supports the separating couple to cooperate with one another in working out acceptable arrangements mutually on all or any of the following:

The Role of the Mediator is to:

How Does the Service Work?

A professionally experienced mediator helps the couple to come at their own agreement.

For an appointment with the Legal Aid Mediation Service, every party should call the mediation service individual to book themselves in and confirm their eagerness to attend.

How Long Does It Take?

Typically, mediation takes between three and six sessions. Every session lasts at least 1 hour.

What is the Result?

The majority of mediation ends along with a written document, often called as a Note of Mediated, which sets out every detail of the agreement of the couple. This isn’t a legal agreement. Nevertheless, you can carry this paper to a solicitor to be drawn into a deed of separation or legal contract. You might also utilize it as the source for a decree of divorce.

What are the Perks of Mediation?

These covers:

Do You Need Solicitor?

Mediators offer financial and legal details in a fair way to help you know the options accessible to you. The decisions and choices are yours, and we don’t make any judgments about your collective or individual situation, nor offer a suggestion on your best interest. We’ll help you both. We’ll help you to test the choices and negotiate with you which solutions may work correctly for you.

Is Mediator Honest and Open with Every Party?

Every information which includes the communication from either of you will be shared agreeably with you both. The only exception to this is an email addresses/telephone numbers/address which either of you wants to keep private.

Mediation can’t occur if we devour prior knowledge of the case through past involvement as a solicitor. In case another perceived conflict of interest emerges or arises, we won’t be able to serve as a mediator.

Legal Aid

If you think you’re qualified for legal aid, then there’s no charge for the mediation procedure for you. Definitely, the other party would benefit from the legal assistance as anyone would get the first assessment meeting as well. Call Free Family Mediation today for more details.