Child Arrangement Mediation Saving Money vs Solicitors

Child Arrangement Mediation

Child arrangement Mediation – Saving Money Compared to Solicitors

When a family goes through a difficult time, whether it’s a divorce or a child custody battle, one thing that becomes apparent is the financial cost of hiring legal representation. Solicitors are known to charge high fees for their services, and for families already struggling with the emotional turmoil of their situation, the added financial stress can make the situation all the more painful. However we at free family mediation have an alternative that can save families a considerable amount of money – family mediation.

Firstly, it’s essential to understand what family mediation is. It’s a form of alternative dispute resolution that allows families to resolve conflicts outside of the courtroom. Our trained mediator facilitates discussions between family members, allowing them to reach a mutually agreed-upon solution.

Although our mediators cannot provide legal advice, they can provide a neutral and safe space for conversation, which is often more productive and less combative than hiring solicitors.

All members of our Family mediation team are professionally accredited (FMCA) through the Household Mediation Council.

The biggest advantage of family mediation over solicitors is the cost. Legal fees for solicitors are often charged hourly, and the cost can quickly add up, particularly in cases that go to court. In contrast, our mediation is charged at a flat rate per session, meaning families can budget and plan more effectively. Additionally, the time spent in mediation is often far less than the time spent with a solicitor because of the constructive and focused discussion facilitated by the mediator.

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Another reason our child arrangement mediation is less costly than solicitors is that it can lead to faster resolution of disputes. In most cases, solicitor-led disputes take a considerable amount of time to resolve, particularly if the case goes to court. The emotional and financial toll of a prolonged dispute can be immense, while the process of mediation is often much quicker.

The average time our clients take for resolving disputes through mediation is between two and three months, and once a resolution has been reached, the parties involved can focus on moving forward.

Furthermore, when a family goes through a legal dispute, there is no guarantee that the resolution will be in their favour, and solicitors cannot guarantee success in court. The outcome of court proceedings is often unpredictable and can lead to appeals, which increases the cost of the proceedings drastically.

In contrast, the resolution reached through our child arrangement mediation is mutually agreed upon by all parties involved, meaning that it is more likely to be acceptable, leading to fewer appeals and an overall reduction in costs for all parties.

Family mediation is a popular and affordable alternative to hiring solicitors when resolving family disputes. The cost of our mediation is often a fraction of the cost of solicitors, and families can also budget and plan for the process more effectively as the costs are fixed rather than on an hourly basis.

Child arrangement mediation also leads to faster resolution, helping to reduce the emotional and financial toll of prolonged disputes. The result of our mediation is also more likely to be acceptable to all parties involved, leading to a reduction in long and costly appeals processes.

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