Family Mediation Oxford

Every family goes through tough times, and sometimes those tough times can lead to conflicts between family members. When that happens, the best way to resolve such conflicts and restore harmony in the family is through mediation. Family mediation is a process where a third party impartial mediator helps family members work out their differences, comes up with solutions, and resolves disputes. In Oxford, we have been providing families with mediation services for years.

When is Family Mediation Appropriate?

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Family mediation can be used in a wide range of family disputes, from divorces to inheritance disputes, from disagreements over child custody to disputes about shared properties. If both parties are willing to participate and engage in the process, then family mediation can help them to reach a resolution without going to court. Family mediation is especially appropriate if there are children involved as it allows the parties to develop a child-centred solution that works for everyone.

What types of disputes can be mediated?

Family mediation can be used to resolve disputes in many areas of family law matters. Some of the most common issues that Free Family Mediation in Oxford can help with include child arrangements, finances, assets, property, and divorce.

 How does Free Family Mediation work in Oxford?

Free Family Mediation provides a free initial consultation to assess whether mediation is suitable for you. During the session, the mediator will provide information on how mediation works, answer any questions you may have, and assess the suitability of mediation for your specific situation.

If mediation is appropriate, the mediator will arrange a suitable time and place for a mediation session. All parties involved in the mediation sign an agreement that outlines the process, duration, fees, and confidentiality policy of the mediation.

Why choose Free Family Mediation in Oxford?

Free Family Mediation is committed to resolving disputes in a non-confrontational and respectful way while acknowledging the sensitivity and importance of the issues involved. They have an experienced team of mediators who are fully trained and accredited and have many years of experience in helping families resolve disputes.
They work with you to find solutions that work for you and your family, and they offer competitive pricing structures to ensure affordable mediation services.

The Role of the Mediator in Oxford

The mediator’s role is to facilitate communication and negotiation between the parties. The mediator will meet with each party separately before the joint meeting to help them understand the process and what to expect. During the joint meeting, the mediator will facilitate the discussion and help the parties to identify their needs and concerns. The mediator will encourage the parties to communicate openly and honestly and to consider the other party’s perspective. The mediator will help the parties to explore different options for resolving the dispute and work with them to develop a solution that works for everyone.

The Advantages of Choosing Family Mediation in Oxford

There are many advantages to using family mediation to resolve disputes:

  • Mediation is cost-effective and can be significantly cheaper than going to court.
  • Mediation is time-efficient and can take significantly less time than going to court.
  • Mediation is a collaborative process where the parties can work together to find a solution that works for everyone.
  • Mediation is confidential, and the parties can speak freely about their concerns without fear of it being used against them in court.
  • Mediation allows the parties to maintain control over the outcome.
  • Mediation is less adversarial than going to court, which can be particularly important when children are involved.